Cross Country, Girls: Varsity defeats St. Paul’s

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There is an ineffable solace that comes with winning. It’s a medicine that somehow makes up for any pains we endure to get to that happy result, and yet a job well-done should be enough in itself to satisfy our need for success. Today the girls in green came to that happy end via both routes, winning a hard fought victory over an impressively solid St. Paul’s squad, and doing it in heroic fashion down the final straightaway, with several girls pouring their hearts into lethal and awe-inspiring final finishing kicks. And so it was with a squad reduced by sickness, tendinitis, and blisters, that DA XC won the day, defeating St. Paul’s 25-32 on a cool, damp, overcast day. Our JV squad, beset by illness and soreness, could not muster a full team to officially compete, but a number of girls still ran, and proudly.

Regardless, it was perfect cross country weather as Deerfield was led by prodigy tenth grader Noelle Abeyta, who bested all competitors to win in 19:37. Following Noelle was our star ninth grader Abigail Fernald in second, a confident 11th grader Jane Mallach in sixth, an infinitely determined tenth grader Grace Russell in seventh, the phenom ninth grader Isha Rao in ninth, a surging senior captain Gemma Bishop in tenth, a resolute 11th grader Erin Howe in 11th, ninth grade super soldier Aerin Lo in 17th, junior crime fighter Anna Fu in 19th, committed 9th grader Aurelia Bolton in 24th, and super fly Acy Cai in 26th.

Thanks for all those who came out to support the girls today. Next week we are home against both perennial powerhouse Loomis Chaffee and arch rival Choate Rosemary Hall. Both these teams have already been successful this season so we expect a real challenge come next Saturday. The action starts at 3:15 so make sure to plan ahead. Rumor has it the tickets are outselling Hamilton on eBay.

Deerfield – 25

St. Paul’s – 32