Squash, Girls: Varsity loses to Andover

Event Details

Riding a big green machine for an away match against the Big Blues, Deerfield geared up for a match against undefeated Andover in the their brand new squash pavilion.  After the first round of play, Deerfield was behind 2-1 as both #2 Harbour Woodward and #6 Soo-Min Lee fell short, losing their matches in three games.  #4 Griffin Dewey, though, kept DA’s hopes alive in a tight match with a terrific 12-10 win in the fifth game.   In the second round, Deerfield’s odds stayed even with Andover.  While #7 Emily Henderson and #5 Sasha Hinckley lost their matches, #3 Isabella Rolfe found her focus after the first game and rallied to win 3-1.  #1 Ashley Manning stayed strong in a back and forth contest to win her match in the fifth game.  Still, Andover won the match 4-3 and was rewarded with a Head of School Day, granted by the team’s assistant coach (who also happens to be the Head of School).