Squash, Boys: Thirds defeats Eaglebrook School

Event Details

Boys thirds squash suited up for the second half of our away-and-home series with Eaglebrook early on a bright Wednesday afternoon. Both teams were much improved from our December battle, and in the end we had just enough firepower to come out on top. Early wins came from Sam at #4 (coming back from 2-0 down), the dependable veteran Elliott at #6, and a dominant performance from Adrian at #3; however, we suffered a pair of tough five-game losses in the #2 and #7 positions, as well as a bad matchup at #5. As a result, it all came down to Connor, who went down 1-0 and then 2-1 before putting on an unbelievable show in the fourth game. He saved four match points to eke out the game 15-13, then went up 5-0 in the fifth game and never looked back. Connor’s clinch improves our season record to 4-0.

While the exhibition crew took some lumps, it was a valuable learning experience at the bottom of the ladder. The fellas leave town for the first time on Saturday, with a road trip to Westminster on the docket.

Deerfield 4, Eaglebrook 3

Connor Flannery won in 5

Arthur Yao lost in 5

Adrian Yao won in 3

Sam Bronckers won in 5

Ryan Welch lost in 3

Elliott Flagg won in 4

Alex Smith lost in 5

Johnny Glinton won in 4

Alex Yuk lost in 3

Mat Panikar lost in 4

Noah Depp lost in 5

Davis Cook lost in 4