Volleyball: Varsity defeats Worcester

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Deerfield came charging off the blocks in our first set against Worcester. With the opposition claiming only 4 points, we quickly tallied a win rotating only three times and relying on Kiana Rawji, Georgia Quesnelle, Melissa Mitrovic and Imani Kindness-Coleman with their strong serves.

The second set saw some new faces on the court for the big green, and after being down 9-4 we were able to come back and win a close set by a score of 26-24. Our final set mirrored the first, with the big Green’s consistent serves, passes, and hits easily defeating Worcester. The team definitely gained some confidence and played our game, our motto for this season. We are ready and focused on continuing our win streak Saturday, when we go to Choate to play Sacred Heart, Lawrenceville, and Pomfret.