Soccer, Boys: Junior Varsity defeats Kent

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The JV boys took the long ride to Kent, CT to take on Kent School´s JV team. Nine and a half hours later the boys in Green and White returned to Deerfield. That is a long day, so we were all quite happy to bring home a pretty good win, 4-0, the product of hard effort and, in the second half, a very extended stretch of our best football of the year so far. We have struggled to string together possessions and too often rushed our attacks, but during that second half we were more patient and built the offense much better. Our first goal (in the first half) came on a lovely play, a long cross-field diagonal pass that our flanker ran onto and ripped home from distance – a TV highlight for sure.
The second half goals included a pretty fortunate odd bouncer that caught the Kent goalie a bit screened and then in no man´s land, but soon after two more were well earned products of team construction leading to good looks. Lots to like today in terms of team improvement.