Field Hockey: Varsity defeats Berkshire

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It felt like mid-summer on the turf on Saturday at Berkshire. The heat of the sun and the length of the bus-ride did little, however, to squelch the enthusiasm of the Deerfield squad – they were excited for their first chance to play together and put to work what they’ve practiced and adjusted during pre-season. On Berkshire’s brand new turf, they worked the ball together well, finding each other’s quick passes and intercepting many of their opponents’. Liv made a great save in goal and Christina, Meaghan, Erin, and Ali made consistently smart and thoughtful plays in our defensive end. However, the play remained mostly in our midfield and attacking end. At 19 minutes, Ali scored on a corner play and put the DA girls on the scoreboard. While the girls fired another 19 shots on goal before the game was over, the score remained a tight 1 – 0 at the game’s conclusion. There was some exciting play by two new first year players, Hannah and Talbot, and some great work by girls who were in brand new positions. The coaches were excited with the way the girls worked together, after having had so few early-season practices. Next up, Pomfret on Wednesday in Connecticut.