Tennis, Girls: Junior Varsity loses to Andover

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JV tennis ended the season on a positive note on Saturday, despite losing to Andover’s varsity B team. With the top three players absent, everyone on the team stepped up and tried something new, giving it their best. Each player demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and support for their team members, and maintained a positive attitude throughout the day, treating the series of challenging matches as learning opportunities. At first singles, Claire Zhang ’18 seriously stepped up and got two games off her excellent opponent. At third singles, Whitney Vogt ’20 capped off an excellent season of growth as a player and proved she was a force to be reckoned with as she took four games off Andover’s third-best varsity B player. Right below her, Tess Mannix ’20 got one game from her opponent, but the overall score did not capture how close many of the games were. Finally, sophomores Abby Bracken and Lilia Brooker found a great rhythm at second doubles, and traded games with their opponents until Andover pulled ahead to win 4-8. 9th graders Soo Oh, Acy Cai, and Ally Kell, along with sophomore Sasha Hinckley, all put in their absolute best effort and challenged their opponents to the best of their abilities, and as usual supported their teammates. The team should be proud of establishing a solid winning record this season and of their effort, sportsmanship, and growth throughout the spring.