Lacrosse, Girls: Varsity defeats KUA

Event Details

In a May 10th contest that felt more like the middle of March, Deerfield took on the KUA Tigers in Meriden, NH.  It was a high scoring contest with plenty of offensive momentum from both sides.  Deerfield found their offensive groove in the second half and began connecting offensively with greater fluidity and purpose.  The Tigers could be credited with speedy midfielders, and their midfield athleticism created effective fast break scoring opportunities.  While the Big Green carried a 6 goal lead with 4 minutes remaining, KUA offered a three-goal rush in less than a minute.   Ultimately, however, Deerfield’s 2nd half offensive strength proved healthy enough to bring home the W.   Additionally, of the 34 draws taken during the contest, Deerfield was able to possess 21.  The Captains named Katherine Bowman as Team Player of the Game for her stellar offensive performance.