Lacrosse, Girls: Varsity defeats Middlesex

Event Details

The Deerfield Academy girls lacrosse team clinched a 15-12 victory over Middlesex in a close and hard-fought contest.  The two squads traded goals steadily throughout both halves, and rather than steep momentum swings, the game felt evenly balanced throughout the 50 minutes.  Deerfield played a consistent game and displayed strength at both ends of the field.  Draw control possessions were a much improved element for the Big Green in the day’s matchup and yielded several fast break scoring opportunities.   The win felt very much like a team effort given the outstanding and distributed performance all over the field.  The Captains awarded the Team Player of the Game Award to Olivia Mikesell, who in her first Deerfield contest, produced a game-changing 14 saves.  Liv’s play in net served as a huge element in the day’s victory and offered critical rallying points when most needed for the Big Green.  ​