Basketball, Boys: Thirds defeats Loomis

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We bid the 2016-17 season a fond farewell on Wednesday with a 32-27 victory over Loomis. We had control over most of the game, using a full court press to keep them from getting comfortable in their offense. To their credit, Loomis fought to keep in the game, and came close a couple of times, using a press of their own to slow us down. In the end, our team-defense proved to be too much for Loomis. All eleven players were available and played for the first time since before we played Loomis in early January. Everyone played and seven of eleven scored. Rian Bogle ’19 appropriately led us in scoring with 12, and Howard Cao ’19 played perhaps his best game of the season, scoring 8 and playing ferocious defense. All in all, a good end to a very fun season.