Squash, Boys: Thirds defeats Eagle Hill School

Event Details

Boys’ thirds squash faced off against Eagle Hill less than 24 hours before break. Motivated to end 2017 with an undefeated record, the fellas swiftly took care of business on every court. Highlights included David Chen unleashing some Thunder from Down Under in his first career top-7 win, as well as the season debut of the formerly-injured Sam Bronckers. The last match of the day featured our ace, Connor Flannery, who, encouraged by a cheering section as well as Guest Assistant Coach Wierzbicki, battled through exhaustion to win 11-9 in the fifth. We look forward to our rematch with the Pioneers at the end of January.

Deerfield 7, Eagle Hill 0

Connor Flannery won in 5

Adrian Yao won in 4

Sam Bronckers won in 3

Alex Smith won in 3

Elliott Flagg won in 3

Johnny Glinton won in 3

David Chen won in 3

Ethan Chen won in 3

Francis Shea won in 3

Nick Fluty won in 3

Oscar Depp won in 3