Hockey, Boys: Varsity loses to Avon Old Farms

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The boys varsity hockey team made the trek down to Avon Old Farms this weekend for a 4-1 loss, after a devastating cancellation of the Choate game. The game started out with a starting lineup of Thomas Gale, Noah de la Durantaye, Jeff MacDonald, Sean McAvoy, Chris Camelio, and Milo DeFay. In the 1st period, Tomas Zourikian ’19 got hit hard, resulting in an Avon penalty. After falling behind 1-0, Sean McAvoy ’19 evened the score with a nifty goal assisted by Eamon Doheny ’20 and Captain Bret Pastor ’18. Avon rounded out the 1st period with another goal, as Noah De la Durantaye ’19 found himself in the box following a hooking call. In the 2nd period, Thomas Gale ’19 was knocked over by an Avon player, clearly a goalie interference, with echoes coming from the sidelines (“Everyone loves the Canadians”), and some angry confrontations from Chris Camelio ’18 on the ice. After more Deerfield penalties from Mikey Holland ’19 and Jeff McDonald ’18, the Big Green allowed two more power play goals in the third period despite the best efforts of junior goalie Thomas Gale ’19.