Basketball, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Bement

Event Details

The JV Girls’ basketball team rounded out its holiday season openers with a 41-21 victory over a talented squad from The Bement School. Ahead by five points at the half, the Green pulled away in the second half, led by Samara Cummings ‘20, whose ten points and six rebounds provided consistency in the offensive half court. The game featured balanced scoring and good ball movement for the JV Girls’. Molly Fischer ’20, Whitney Vogt ’20, Juliet Lowe ’21, Alexia Baker ‘19, Ruby Chase ‘21, and Katie Alonso ’19 all made notable contributions to the offense while co-captains Jada Howard ’19 and Nicole Da Costa ’19, along with Hanna Deringer ’20, Selena Martineau ’19, Sami Dulam’21, Annie Kane ’20, and Michelle Zimmerman ’21 all made contributions in Deerfield’s half-court defensive set. In all, the game featured strong guard play on both sides, but the depth and skill of the Deerfield bench, along with the team’s strong chemistry and persistence in the paint, proved instrumental in the win.

As Head Coach Dr. Khaleh Thomas said, “We have to be more than a second half team.” To ensure consistency for both halves of the game, Dr. Thomas let the team know, upon its return from the winter recess, “Be ready to run!”

The JV squad tips off this Saturday on the road against Worcester Academy.