Field Hockey: Varsity loses to Greenwich

Event Details

On Sunday morning the field hockey team departed for Greenwich Academy.  A bit of traffic on I-95 had us arriving on their turf with 15 minutes to warm-up and stretch out our bus legs.  The warm-up, however, proved to be intense, energetic, and loud. Balls were moving quickly and cleanly around the turf and communication was on.  This energy bled into the game after the opening whistle was blown.  Play was very even and the ball moved quickly.  The bench was so supportive that the air was never still on our side of the field.  This positive banter from the sidelines helped energize those on the field and the strong communication on the field helped the girls make quick passes and recover to defend offensive pushes from GA.  GA scored first half-way through the first half and then rallied to score a second goal shortly thereafter.  However, Deerfield responded quickly with a hard shot and goal from Mimi (assisted by Maggie and Meredith). Ten minutes into the second half, GA placed a ball into the corner of our net to increase their tally to 3.  Deerfield was unable to respond this time and the score remained 3 – 1 till the conclusion of the game.