Cross Country, Girls: Varsity defeats St. Paul’s

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The Big Green Harrier Machine finally sealed the deal on a perfect regular season record by defeating St. Paul’s (varsity 20 to 38, jv 18 to 38) and Northfield Mount Hermon (varsity 15 to 48, jv 16 to 38) today in Northfield. All season the girls have demonstrated an incredible work ethic, an unmatched tenacity for taking challenging workouts and races by the jaws, and possessed an indescribable family spirit that has carried them through the truly challenging times. There have been workouts that they simply did not believe they could finish, until they did, and some races where they had to summon something from deep within themselves in order to succeed, and they did. The coaches and I have had confidence in them every step of the season, and could not be more proud of them if they were our own kids. They have stood on the precipice and looked their fears and anxieties in the eyes, and have come back stronger athletes, smarter runners, and confident champions, for win or lose in the championship race next weekend, they will, every one of them, always be champions to us. Finishing today were Victoria Patterson, Noelle Abeyta, Erin Hudson, Sarah Jane O’Connor, Helen Downes, Esme Benjamin, Grace Russell, Nora Markey, Gemma Bishop, Sofie Sintes, Ely Burke, Roopa Venkatraman, Acy Cai, and Jazmine Ramos. The girls will miss Choate day once again as they travel, ironically, down to Choate, who will host the championship race. So, Deerfield, when you see them on campus, congratulate them on an undefeated regular season and wish them good luck as they try to add an amazing capstone to a phenomenal fall.