Volleyball: Varsity loses to Hopkins

Event Details

Deerfield headed down for our last away game of the long stretch that we’ve had. On the way down we had some great sing-alongs and spirits were high. This was evident as Deerfield got out to an early lead. Strong serving and very consistent hitting on our side coupled with some difficulty serve receiving on the other helped Deerfield come to a win in the first and second set.

The third set became more of a battle as Hopkins settled into their game. Both teams were playing incredible defense, retrieving every ball and making it hard for either team to get a kill. Deerfield had some difficulty serve receiving in critical moments, and Hopkins brought the overall match score to 2-1.

In the fourth set Hopkins got out to an early lead. Deerfield began to look a little worn down as their usually powerful and effective hits were being passed and returned back to our side of the net. Hopkins took the fourth set, making the score 2-2 and sending the match to a fifth tie-breaking set.

Deerfield started off strong, getting out to a 4-point lead with great serving and hitting. Hopkins once again picked it up, however, and came back to make it close. The teams battled hard and although Deerfield made a run at the end to try and come back to win it, Hopkins had the energy and persistence to win the fifth set, and win the match. Deerfield never gave up, no matter the score, and overall played a great game.

Our MVP Bear went to Melissa Mitrovic ’18, for her consistency and willingness to try something new with her jump serve. We are very proud of all of the girls, and can’t wait to see what they do up against Hotchkiss on Wednesday and Exeter on Saturday.