Volleyball: Junior Varsity loses to Hopkins

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Things did not go our way today at Hopkins.

In spite of strong serving performances by Soo Oh and Claire Quan in the first set, Hopkins was able to outscore us 26-24.  Deerfield rallied back in Set 2.   Izzy McDonald served 9 in a row and Caleigh Manguilli made 3 critical assists to win the set 25-21.   In Set 3 and Set 4 Hopkins outplayed us.  In Set 3 our serving fell apart and in Set 4, perhaps as a result of a team who had taken the PSAT at 7:30 am and was tiring, we made errors that cost us the game.   The final scores of Set 3 and Set 4 were 25-22 and 25-19, both wins going to Hopkins.

The JV Volleyball team left New Haven feeling defeated but determined to improve.