Hockey, Boys: Junior Varsity defeats Cushing

Event Details

JV Hockey travelled to Cushing for a 5:00 PM start.  The Cushing Varsity B team put a lot of pressure on the Big Green to start the game, and thanks to some of his best goaltending of the year, Andrew Peck kept us in the game.  In fact we took a 1-0 lead into the lockeroom after the first period thanks to Peck, and an opportunistic goal by Matt Brosseau (assist goes to Nicky Hay).

There is some debate amongst the coaches about which team carried the play in the next two periods – I will let the reader decide who had the more positive outlook- but after scoring by Will Dale, Andy Han and two by AJ Shea we took a 5 – 2 lead into the last two minutes of the game.  Needing to provide some drama for the fans watching the livecast from home, we allowed two goals after Cushing had removed their goalie.  In the end with 5 members from each team sitting in the penalty box, we held on for the 5 -4 victory.