Soccer, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats NMH

Event Details

On Wednesday, September 28, girls JV soccer played at NMH. DA started off strong with the ball, and in the first minute, took the ball down to the offensive third before Liz Tarazi scored with an assist from Olivia Jones. As NMH and Deerfield played on for the next five minutes, Jones got a break away and took it up the line putting it in front of the goal with a big cross, and an NMH save. The game continued to hold a strong pace as both teams had equal possession for the next five minutes. At this time. Tarazi came around the top corner of the 18 with an unexpected shot and score in the right corner of goal. After restarting, DA went to goal again but was called offside, and NMH took the ball into our defensive third. Our back line stayed strong, winning the ball and taking it up. During the last 15 minutes of the first half, Jones broke through NMH’s back line and went one versus one with NMH goal keeper to score. The first half ended at 3-0.

The second half stared with NMH gaining strength and taking a shot on goal, which was saved by our Athlete of the Game: Isabella Geraci. DA regained possession, and Paige Gilbert was able to take two shots on goal, one at 5 minutes and then again at 6 minutes. Teams had equal possession for the remainder of the second half, with equal goal scoring opportunities. During the last five minutes, Clare Ott sent a perfect through ball to Tarazi who took the last shot of the game, which was saved by NMH. Game end 3-0, DA.