Cross Country, Girls: Varsity vs. Brush Invitational

Event Details

The girls’ cross country team started the season off with a bang (the actual bang of the starter’s pistol) on Saturday, 9/17 with dominant performances at the Brush Invitational. The girls 9th and 10th grade races were all Deerfield as the lady harriers finished with six runners in the top ten, including Victoria Patterson in 1st, Jane Mallach 2nd, Lilly Shuhda 3rd, Ely Burke 5th, Erin Howe 8th, and Esme Benjamin in 10th. The rest of the underclass squad was rounded out by Gemma Bishop 14th, Nafi Sall 19th, Mina Liang 20th, Jerilyn Zheng 22nd,  Nikki Pelletier 23rd,  Anna Fu 24th, and Fernanda Ponce in 25th . The upperclass girls race was equally dominated by Deerfield, with five girls in the top ten, including Margot Genereux 3rd, Nora Markey 4th, Carolyn Melvin 5th, Helen Downes 9th, and Sofi Sintes in 10th. They were quickly followed by Lily Fauver, 17th, Lily Horowitch 21st, Penelope Hough 23rd, Cassie Deshong 24th, and Julia Angkeow in 35th.

The top seven combined runners get ready to take on a large and talented field of runners at the Canterbury Invitational this coming Saturday. Deerfield has a record of dominating at Canterbury so it should be exciting watching this new, young squad make their mark in the history books.