Hockey, Boys: Varsity loses to Avon

Event Details

Deerfield played well the first period, which ended tied at one. Goaltender Nick Scarpa had several good saves. Michael Holland had a good scoring chance, and Captain Courtney Morgan played strong defense. Avon scored with 6:32 remaining, and Deerfield failed to equalize on a power play beginning, but Justin Marler made a great shot at 1:32.

Unfortunately, Deerfield was slightly sloppier during the second period, and Avon capitalized with three goals. At 1:52, Thomas Dale scored off an Andrew Hadley pass. Deerfield had some more chances during the final third, including power plays, and Scarpa had a couple of expert saves, but Avon scored a fifth goal at 1:34. Deerfield looks to get back on track against Taft on February 17.


– Brooke Horowitch ’16