Basketball: Varsity Boys defeats Taft

Event Details

Consistent hustle and strong shooting helped Deerfield earn a thrilling win over a 12-4 Taft team. Rory Flaherty, Jackson Mannix, Cam Ciero, Jimmy Campbell, and David Gagas started the game. Campbell had a particularly impressive first half, scoring 11 points. Gagas also had several good moves against his former team. Additionally, substitute Coleman Shea hit two three pointers, and despite challenging Taft presses and good opposing shooting, Deerfield led 32-27 at the break.

Mannix dominated the second half and scored 22 points. Gagas added seven and exhibited good moves. However, Taft continued threatening, making the conclusion particularly exciting, as teams alternated points. Deerfield pulled ahead after three Mannix foul shots solidified an exciting victory.


– Brooke Horowitch ’16