Swimming and Diving, Coed: Junior Varsity defeats Eagle Hill

Event Details

JV Swim had their first meet against Eagle Hill today and we couldn’t be more excited that we won! With only two weeks to train before, I am beyond proud of my team. Coach Madden and Coach Miller prefaced the meet ensuring us that we were under no pressure, but to give it all we got, and that we did from the get-go. We won the very first race, the 200 Medley relay, with our other teams coming in third and sixth.  Each race was filled with wins, spirit and enthusiasm. Angel Paes ’17, a new swimmer on the team said, “I just love how we were always smiling and happy, and encouraging each other.” This couldn’t be more true, and has been the case since I joined the team my sophomore year. JV Swim’s spiritedness is what drives me and others on the team to work hard, and to feel comfortable. There was never a race that went by where we weren’t cheering on our teammates from start to finish. It didn’t matter if we were coming in first or last, just if we were putting in our best effort.

When we were warming up, Cynthia Luego ’20 was really nervous about her first event the 50m Freestyle because of the flip turn. She practiced repeatedly, but still didn’t feel comfortable doing it in the race. But this didn’t stop her from feeling great and ready for the next race. She said, “I just felt so good and even though I belly flopped, I was still happy with my performance, and can’t wait for the next meet!” This kind of resilience and spirit is what drives the team to greatness. I was so happy to be a part of her and everyone else’s first meet experience.

I’m really happy to move forward with this team because we have great potential and great sportsmanship which is the recipe for a winning season!

— Sydney Williams, senior captain and this meet’s guest writer