Basketball, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Stoneleigh

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The Big Green captured a decisive victory over Stoneleigh-Burnham in their first home game of the season. Jada Howard ’19 opened the scoring, and except for two baskets from Stoneleigh, the Deerfield squad was relentless in its push for a win.

It was a team effort all the way: In addition to Howard, returning players Liz Tarazi ’19, Annie Clark ’17, Nicole Da Costa ’19, Valerie Ma ’17, Brett Hale ’18, Lindsey Cureton ’17, Tarah Almonacy ’17 all got on the scoreboard, as did the new kids on the block, 9th graders, Whitney Vogt, Jane Mallach, Hunter Keller, Hanna Deringer, Vera Menafee, Netayana Jimenez, and Samara Cummings. Almonacy was the high-scorer of the game with 7 points, mostly thanks to her aggressive rebound abilities, and Tarazi, Deringer, Jimenez,  and Cummings were all close behind with 6. Besides Almonacy’s rebounds, highlights of game play included several steals by Da Costa and Jimenez, as well as exciting drives to the basket finishing in clean layups by Menafee. Overall, the team exhibited good sportsmanship, playing a clean game and cheering for Stoneleigh’s second and last basket.  Heading into Wednesday’s cross-town rivalry match with Bement, the team will spend the week learning plays and preparing to execute on offense and give their all on defense. With a deep bench and a team of 17 in total, featuring strong leadership from a core of seniors and other returners as well as fresh blood from the ninth graders, the Big Green JV basketball team looks ready to bring the heat this season!