Soccer, Boys: Junior Varsity defeats NMH

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After a spirited win against Avon on Wednesday, the Big Green took to the field against NMH for their last home game of the season.  Hoping to remain unbeaten at home, Deerfield generated a few good chances in the first half, but really hit their stride in the second.  Steadied by a stout back line, Deerfield gradually took control of midfield and pressed over closer to the NMH goal.  Despite inspired play by the NMH keeper, Deerfield finally broke through on a corner kick.  Nolan Zusi redirected a serve by Mason Horton to Cosmo Hunt, who nodded the ball in over the keeper.  Kevin Hendrick, Iqbal Nurjadin, Austin Philie, and Devin Mao turned in outstanding performances on defense, while Jared Harrington gave the team an exceptional effort on the wing.