Field Hockey: Junior Varsity defeats Williston

Event Details

It was a special game for us against Williston-Northampton this year, as Libby Anderson, new this year to both the DA Math Department and our JV field hockey team, had taught and coached at WN for eighteen years. Not only that, but the game offered senior captain Jenna Greenbaum a chance to match up against her eighth-grade sister Ava. Lots of divided loyalties! And then our girls played a spectacular game, putting together all the components of a satisfying win: great passing and communication, strong transitions, ample scoring (we won 7-0!), relentless energy and a positive team spirit. It was our last home game for the seniors: Valeria Ma ’17, who joined us this year from Thirds, bringing insight and smart play from Dr. Wright’s rigorous training; four-year veteran Jenna Greenbaum ’17, with her masterful left-hand play and great movement with the ball; and four-year veteran, and captain, Maddie Blake ’17, right wing extraordinaire and passionate, strong player. And despite the drizzle, the cold, and the generally glum day, with the seniors leading the way, the girls brought their best. Williston is a combined Thirds and JV program, so DA always has the upper hand as far as depth of talent—we were happy to take advantage of the opportunity to gain momentum by putting some points on the board, as our last two games had kept us scoreless. Goals were scored by Sydney Gregg ’20 with assists from Katie Whalen ’18 and Jenna Greenbaum ’17; Emma Jaskolski ’20 (within her first two minutes on the field as a middie, no less! Watch out…) with an assist from Sydney Gregg ’20; Katie Whalen ’18 with an assist from Raegan Hill ’19; Jenna Greenbaum ’17; Anna Scott ’17 (check that off your bucket list, Scottie!); and Maddie Blake ’17 with an assist from Raegan Hill ’19. What a game! Dierdre Mullowney ’19 was back in action at the midfield; Ashley Manning ’19 also played well at mid. And we were strong in the backfield: Lily Faucett ’20, super versatile, ably playing both sweep and back; Lynnette Jiang ’18 who had her best game of the season; Emily Henderson ’19, continuing to crush it despite tendonitis in her shins; while Niyafa Boucher ’18 and Lucy Blake ’19 both had shut-outs for their respective halves. Also noteworthy: Jenna Greenbaum ’17 played sweep in the second half (giving Scottie her chance of a lifetime), and totally dominated at that position. A good day all around. At the score-table was our injured squad: Hannah Deringer ’20, Aurora Devereaux ’20, Hunter Keller ’20 and captain Sabrina Satirhos ‘18. Looking ahead to Choate Day, with everybody healthy!