Soccer, Girls: Reserve loses to Bement

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Though the scoreboard today tells a story of defeat, the Triumphs hardly felt defeated at the end of a cold, tough game against Bement in which the “Bementors” walked away with the Town Championship. Deerfield was fully awake for this match, and the entire team worked much harder to get to the ball and cut down on free kicks. Filling in the thirds group were JV ninth-graders Samara Cummings and Vera Grace Menafee, who slotted in at midfield and defense and made a big difference for the Big Green. Deerfield held Bement to only two goals in the first half and took plenty of shots on goal throughout the game, and nearly scored on several rebounds, thwarted on the follow-through by perhaps a fraction of a second. In the end, the Bementors’ youth, energy, numbers, and skill won out against the relatively grizzled Triumphs — despite the size advantage of Deerfield’s players, the Big Green were tired by the second half and gave up three more goals. In the closing minutes, Cummings capitalized on an astounding breakaway by Menafee (one of many) and fired off a decisive shot, bringing the score to 5-1 to finish out the game.