Soccer, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats Pomfret

Event Details

On Saturday, 10/1, DA girls JV soccer played Pomfret at home. Pomfret came out strong, setting the tone for what would be a high-energy, work-hard game. First clear shot on goal came at 3 minutes when Skyler Nuelle came up the side for a cross-field shot, which was trapped by Pomfret’s keeper. The game stayed in Pomfret’s defensive third as DA girls picked up the pace after a slow start. With two more shots on goal from DA, first by Olivia Jones, and second by Nuelle, Pomfret regained possession and brought the ball down field. Pomfret made a shot, which was followed by a scuffle, before Athlete of the Game: Cate O’Byrne was able to send the ball to midfield, keeping the ball from goal. Pomfret maintained possession with another shot on goal which was saved by Vera Grace Menafee, DA’s keeper. Menafee punted the ball to midfield, and working together Mary Edmonds and Nuelle took the ball up to the 18. Nuelle made a shot, which missed after it flew over the post. With equal goal scoring opportunities, and DA’s strong back line, Pomfret and DA played on. During the last 5 minutes, one of DA’s players was injured, and after a brief stop in play, Emily Stonestreet had a shot on goal. Two final shots on Pomfret’s goal were taken before the first half ended at 0-0.

After working hard in the first half, both teams maintained their energy level and determination from the first half, but the second half really started out as Pomfret’s game. Taking the ball to DA’s goal in the first two minutes, DA regained possession with a save from Menafee. Possession went back and forth with a shot on goal from Jones, followed by a close shot on goal from Pomfret after they broke through our back line. As DA now had the ball, Nuelle gained possession, sent a cross ball to Liz Tarazi, but it was saved. DA maintained possession, and at 10 minutes into the second half, Jones took a cross field shot on goal that seemed to be going wide, but out of nowhere, Tarazi diverted the ball in for our first goal, and DA pulled ahead 1-0.

With 20 minutes remaining in the game, DA had held majority of possession and the game turned in our favor. DA continued to connect with the ball more than any other game this season. Fans grew on the sidelines, sensing our quick pace and competitive energy. After Stonestreet passed ball up to Tarazi, Tarazi had a breakaway, going one on one with Pomfret’s keeper. Tarazi took a shot that went wide, and the game ended soon after with a DA win, 1-0.