Soccer, Boys: Junior A defeats Andover

Event Details

We pulled off a big win at Andover. After losing our goalie about 10 minutes into the game, the team struggled to regain its early momentum.  We fell behind 1-0, but answered immediately on a goal by Alex Alijani.  Andover took advantage of our inexperienced goalie to score a second goal to retake the lead.  We then put Frederick Boulton in the net, and responded with new life.  Andres Milmo scored just before halftime to even the game.  We kept the pressure on, dominating Andover for most of the second half.  Milmo scored his second of the game which proved to be the game winner.  Deerfield played a strong team game with everyone contributing to the win – the defense stifled Andover’s attack, the center mids controlled the middle of the field, our outside mids played key roles in both our offense and defense, and our strikers kept the pressure on the Andover backs.  A good team win!