Field Hockey: Varsity defeats Exeter

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An away night game in the rain, tonight!  These seemingly unpleasant ingredients only seemed to light a fire under the Deerfield girls at Exeter.  It was the first outing where the coaches felt like the team really clicked, worked together, and moved the ball as a unit.  The first fifteen minutes were fast and the Deerfield girls capitalized twice.   While the attack scored quickly and worked well moving to the ball and supporting one another, the defense was equally as strong.  Livi Messina ’17 and Meghan O’Brien ’18 made some big plays and hustled to keep their marks in the defensive end.  Exeter had some speed up front and proved that they were still in the game.  Deerfield returned their intensity and scored a third goal four minutes into the second half.  The play remained exciting throughout the game.  With four seconds on the clock, Meghan O’Brien made a save on the goal line to keep the game at 3 – 0.  Exeter never gave up and pushed our girls to play their best.  Goals were scored by underclassmen, Meredith Heaney ’19 and Maggie Roche ’19.  Tierney Roche ‘18 played great in the offensive end and Ali Fujiyoshi ‘19 was an integral part of our midfield.  Mimi Pastor ’19 also played well after being thrown into a brand new position on the field.  Next, we play NMH at home on Wednesday at 2:30pm.