Hockey, Boys: Varsity loses to Trinity-Pawling

Event Details

The first period was relatively even, as both sides had several nice runs and a couple of wide shots. Notably, Brendan O’Connell had a breakaway, Thomas Dale made an expertly controlled pass, and Justin Marler had a good move and shot. Deerfield seemed to find better rhythm with about five minutes remaining in the period, threatening the Trinity-Pawling goal repeatedly. At 3:21, Thomas Dale scored, and Deerfield remained solid until the first break.

Upon returning, the team looked slightly sloppier. Despite a couple of chances on a power play, Deerfield could not convert. Trinity-Pawling scored at 14:29 then earned a power play. Although Deerfield protected the net with four men on the ice, Trinity-Pawling, appearing more controlled, took the lead at 12:18. However, Andrew Hadley equalized at 5:40, which revitalized DA. Harry Gahagan and Wiggle Kerbrat both made good plays as the second period concluded.

Deerfield rhythm remained strong as the third period began. Justin Marler had an impressive fake, and Brendan O’Connell made a good run. After lots of back-and-forth and several Deerfield shots, Trinity-Pawling scored at 3:21. Deerfield really pushed in the final few minutes but could not convert. Despite a few lapses, the team played well and will hopefully be back on track for KUA on January 20.


-Brooke Horowitch ’16