Basketball: Varsity Girls defeats Ethel Walker

Event Details

Lily Fauver, Megan Graves, Felicia Renelus, Meg Targett, and Nailah Barnes started for Deerfield and won the jump. After more than two minutes of back-and-forth play with repeated steals, Ethel Walker led 4 to 0, despite several good dribbling routes by Megan Graves. Then, Lily Fauver scored Deerfield’s first five points, Gwyneth Hochhausler added several, and Megan Graves sunk a terrific three. Felicia Renelus also swished three at the conclusion of the first half, which ended at 19 all despite lots of traveling calls for both teams.
Deerfield seemed to find better rhythm when the second half began, as freshmen substitutes Caroline Carpenter and Kimberly Stafford made immediate impact, but Ethel Walker remained competitive. The final minutes were nerve-wracking. At 31-31, Kimberly Stafford scored two, but Ethel Walker equalized and added three. Megan Graves made a layup for Deerfield. The team regained possession with 2.4 seconds remaining, and Felicia Renelus, indisputably the MVP of the game, swished two points, securing a thrilling Deerfield victory.

Written by Brooke Horowitch ’16