Basketball, Boys: Varsity loses to NMH

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Despite a disappointing defeat, Deerfield players should be proud of their performance. The team remained competitive and motivated while playing a very talented (and tall) NMH squad that is purportedly pursuing a national title. Jimmy Campbell, Cam Ciero, David Gagas, Rory Flaherty, and Jackson Mannix started for DA. The game was fast-paced, and Flaherty and Gagas each made three-pointers. NMH, however, responded with impressive shots, scoring directly off rebounds, from corner angles, and slam-dunks. Substitute Eric Sentongo-Lukwago bolstered the Deerfield offense, and Jackson Mannix made several good shots, but the first half concluded with Deerfield down 21-43.

DA returned to the court with more energy and continued to shoot well. Late in the second half, the team scored a series of three-pointers. Jackson Mannix had two, and Coleman Shea and Jackson Caputo each added one. Consequently, Deerfield had a solid finish in spite of NMH’s size and prowess.


-Brooke Horowitch ’16