Basketball, Boys: Varsity loses to Andover

Event Details

Jimmy Campbell, Cam Ciero, David Gagas, Jackson Mannix, and Rory Flaherty started for Deerfield. The game was dynamic, and, after remaining quiet for the Silent Night tradition, the all-white crowd exploded when Deerfield scored seven points. Jackson Mannix had several three pointers, and the offense moved the ball well throughout the first half. Additionally, Cam Ciero and Jackson Mannix were involved in a crazy back-and-forth steal set. They both ended up on the floor but earned Deerfield possession after an Andover travel. Mostly, play remained even, as both teams shot well and hustled hard. The first half concluded 27-31.

A gauntlet greeted the team upon return. Cam Ciero then had several good plays, preventing a turnover and stealing for a lay-up. Rory Flaherty had consecutive steals. Andover did make lots of three pointers but also had four airballs. David Gagas made an impressive play, throwing a ball against an opponent to secure Deerfield possession. Cam Ciero also had an exciting shot off of a rebound. However, Andover continued a strong streak and pulled ahead toward the end of the game. Deerfield fouled desperately but could not secure a victory despite great efforts.


-Brooke Horowitch ’16