Soccer, Boys: Varsity loses to Brunswick

Event Details

Saturday, September 26th, our boys took the field to play against Brunswick. The sidelines were filled with supporting Deerfield students. Our starters included Brendan O’Connell, Nigel Andrews, Felicius Bucyukundi, Oliver Fair, Drew Rapoza, Camden Kelleher, Brian Davis, Mark DesLauriers, Nick Ferrari, David Michaud and Tim Gerber. Some standout players were: David Michaud, Brian Davis, and Oliver Fair. In the first half, Michaud played amazing defense against the Brunswick striker/forwards. Brian had a solid game as center back, especially during the second half. The opposing coach identified Brian Davis as Man of the Match. Oliver Fair, one of the captains, played well as center-mid, in the third minute of the match he had an amazing shot on goal.
All points were scored in the first half, although Deerfield really put pressure on Brunswick in the second half. Brunswick started off the game with a goal from Nick DeSalvo of Brunswick after the ball got loose in the penalty area. The second goal happened after some on-field confusion. Brunswick’s Sal Lopez capitalized, taking the ball on a breakaway to score in the 16th minute. In the 21st minute, Nigel Andrews of Deerfield, after 45 yards of dribbling, shot from the right into the upper left corner of the net.
Deerfield continued to put pressure on Brunswick in the second half of the game. With the favor on Brunswick’s side and no goals scored in the last 45 minutes, the final score was 2-1 win for Brunswick. Deerfield shot a total of 10 times on goal while Brunswick only shot 5 times. Brunswick’s goalie had 7 saves and Deerfield had 4. The teams finished with 15 fouls on Brunswick, 14 fouls on Deerfield, and no cards issued for either teams.
Deerfield Boys Varsity Soccer’s next game is Wednesday, September 30, 3 p.m. at home against Taft!