Field Hockey: Varsity loses to Hotchkiss

Event Details

Deerfield trekked up to Lakeville to face the reigning New England champs, Hotchkiss. After the two and a half hour bus ride, Deerfield came out slow and Hotchkiss controlled the possession in the first half with 13 shots. They jumped out to a 2-0 lead at halftime. Katherine Heaney kept the game within reach with 11 first half saves. Deerfield’s defense came out of the gates in the second half strong, and it was overall a more competitive game. Deerfield wasn’t able to penetrate the back line and didn’t test their goalie all game. The game finished with a final score of Hotchkiss winning 3-0. The next test on the schedule is home vs Exeter. Exeter should be very afraid because you just know that Deerfield will be seeking some redemption after the tough loss. A huge turnout is expected as Deerfield’s fans  (aka. The 12th man) is going to make sure Exeter is overwhelmed by the cheers of the ravenous fans.