Hockey: Varsity Boys defeats Groton

Event Details

On December 5, Deerfield Boys Varsity Hockey defeated Groton 4-2.

Forward line John Barry (14), Thomas Dale (21), and Andrew Hadley (16) started alongside defenders Bret Pastor (17) and François LaFlamme (5) and goaltender Sam Vigneault (29). They won the initial face-off, but the game remained relatively even for the first fourteen minutes. Both sides had several wide shots and a few strong hits. Notably, Mathieu Vigneault (19) had a stellar run but tripped over a sprawled Groton defender. Additionally, Andrew Hadley (16), Courtney Morgan (18), and Wiggle Kerbrat (9) made expert moves for breakaway chances. At 4:27, John Barry (14) scored from a Bret Pastor (17) assist. However, Groton equalized with 4:03 remaining in the first period. Deerfield earned a power play at 3:37 but could not capitalize, and the first period ended at 1-1.

After Jeff earned loud cheers while driving the Morsman Zamboni, Deerfield returned to the ice with newfound urgency. The team appeared explosive throughout the second period and earned two goals during a 30 second interval between 6:01 and 5:47. Joey Manown (22) scored first then Zeke Emerson (25) forced the puck just across the line to extend the Deerfield lead. Michael Holland (23) exhibited some adept moves before the final break.

Heightened energy characterized the third period, as Deerfield fans remained rowdy, and players refused to let up. Bret Pastor (17) and Brendan O’Connell (2) both had great hits, but Groton scored with 8:57 remaining then received a two-minute power play, as Justin Marler (8) went to the penalty box. Deerfield defense remained stalwart, however, even during a 4-on-4 period and when Groton pulled their goalie for the final half minute. At 5.6 seconds, Andrew Hadley (16) scored on an empty net, solidifying a phenomenal first win.

–Brooke Horowitch ’16