Soccer: Varsity Boys defeats Salisbury

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Salisbury at Deerfield (10/7)


After a cold weekend, the sun was shining on the pitch once again. The team brought their A-game as soon as the match begun. This Wednesday, October 5th, Deerfield played a home game against Salisbury. Deerfield fought hard for a 3-0 win!

The starting players were F – Nigel Andrews, F – Uno Wait, M – Felicius Bucyukundi, M – Brendan O’Connell, M – Oliver Fair, M – George Fair, D – Jackson Pitcher, D – Brian Davis, D – Nick Ferrari, D – Mark DesLauriers, G – Tim Gerber. During the first half at the 15th minute, Felicius Bucyukundi (#15) passed a low cross from the right side of the penalty area to Nigel Andrews (#18), who then shot a left footed finish. The team’s spirits rose and they brought tons of energy to the pitch. Jackson Pitcher and Brian Davis played great as center backs during the first half.  Felicius also played a steady midfield.

During the second half, the energy continued. At the 67th minute from a Camden Kelleher (#4) attack down the right side, ending with a low, hard pass to George Fair (#7) on the 8, with a simple finish. Then again, a minute later from Felicius Bucyukundi (#15): A scrappy play with a few shots on goal… a shot from Bucyukundi results in a rebound to Nick Garfinkel (#16), and Garfinkel uses some English spin to get the deflected ball into the net! This game had a significantly more shots from Deerfield than any other game, with a total of 16 shots.  Salisbury had 6 shots. Tim Gerber was back in with a total of 5 saves, and the Salisbury GK had 9 saves. Deerfield had 11 fouls and Salisbury had 8, and both teams had 3 corner kicks. Deerfield ended up with 4 off-sides and Salisbury had one. No cards were issued this game. Overall Nick Ferrari had an amazing game, defending well on a good player from Salisbury, named Theo Quartey (#7).

Deerfield plays away at Avon on Saturday, October 10th.


Updated record: 2-4


Ally Bazarian and Bailey Smith