Soccer, Boys: Varsity loses to Loomis

Event Details

On the warm afternoon of Wednesday, October 21, the boys in green traveled to Loomis Chaffee for their 10th game of the season.   The starting lineup included Hunter Quigg, Mark Deslauriers, Jackson Pitcher, Brian Davis, Nick Ferrari, Felicius Bucyukundi, Brendan O’Connell, Oliver Fair, Camden Kelleher, Nigel Andrews, and George Fair.

No more than fifteen seconds into the game, George Fair put in a low, driven cross that found the foot of Nigel Andrews, but the ball was hit just wide of the post.  Deerfield continued to get close to Loomis’ net, creating a few great chances in front of goal within the first few minutes of the game.  However, it was Loomis that opened the scoring with a penalty kick in the 25th minute of the game.  The referee called a foul in the penalty area, which was slotted away by #10 Aaron Dang.  At halftime, the score was 1-0 to Loomis.

In the 46th minute of the game, Loomis converted again on a 40-yard free kick that was served into the penalty area.  The ball was put in from the six yard line by #16 Juan Salazar.  Deerfield continued to work hard, constantly putting a lot of pressure on Loomis.  Late in the second half, goalkeeper Hunter Quigg suffered a minor injury to the knee and was substituted off the field and replaced by Tim Gerber.  By the end of the match, the scoreboard read 2-0 Loomis.  Outstanding performers for Deerfield included Nick Ferrari, who did well to defend the wings and distribute the ball, Uno Wait, who had a great work ethic and put relentless pressure on the Loomis defenders, and Tim Gerber, who made a few important saves after coming onto the field for Hunter Quigg.


Game summary submitted by Alex Platt (2017)