Soccer, Boys: Varsity loses to Kent

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As Deerfield stepped onto the field to play Kent on Saturday, they hoped to continue their run of form against Kent that included a 4-0 win last year.  The game started off well for the boys in green, controlling possession for most of the first five to ten minutes.  But Kent started to get the ball and played long balls over the top to their strong and fast forwards, which led to them opening the scoring in the 16th minute when a long ball over Deerfield’s defenders allowed the Kent striker to get a breakaway and put the ball in the back of the net.  Then in the 17th minute Kent was able to hold the ball around the 18 and get off a good shot to put Deerfield down 2-0.  But the Big Green was able to regain some momentum going into half time when an Oliver Fair corner caused the Kent defender to put the ball in his own net.


The score was 2-1 at the half, but Kent was able to go up two again with another breakaway goal in the 55th minute.  Good combination play in the attacking third got Kent in a 4th time in the 68th minute.  Deerfield continued to pressure throughout the game and had good crosses put into the box by Nick Ferrari and Jack Wood late in the second half, but never got the end result they were looking for.  The game ended in a 4-1 victory for Kent.  Stand-out performers included Mark DeLauriers and Reid Shilling on defense, with Felicius Bucyukundi putting in a stellar performance in midfield.  The Big Green look to bounce back this coming Wednesday with home game against Salisbury. (Submitted by Drew Rapoza – 2016)