Welcome to Deerfield

Congratulations on your admission to Deerfield! Deerfield Academy is not just a great school; it is a diverse and inclusive community of curious thinkers who live and learn together. We recognize the talent, resilience, dedication, and individuality that each of you has to contribute to our incredible community, and we sincerely hope that you will choose to grow alongside other exceptional students here at Deerfield. We are excited to show you everything, and everyone, that makes Deerfield such a special place. We hope that you will find our live, pre-recorded, and various other offerings helpful as you discover the incredibly exciting opportunities available at Deerfield.

At Deerfield, our students and faculty make the most of each opportunity to learn together, compete together, and have fun together. It’s hard to imagine how they could put any more of themselves into creating our vibrant campus experience…

Cookies and Cocoa

with Dr. Austin

Saturday, March 13 / 7 pm EST

Please join us for this long standing tradition. Dr. John Austin, our Head of School will welcome you with a cookie and cocoa toast! All newly-admitted students should have received an email with a link for this event or you may click here.


Deerfield Afternoons

Thursday, March 18 / 7 pm EST

Afternoons at Deerfield are full of arts, athletics, community service, clubs, and more! Please join us for an opportunity to speak with our coaches, program leaders, club advisors, and students. 


for Parents

Relive this panel discussion held on March 23 with Deerfield administrators and faculty members. It is important to us that parents feel confident and comfortable with our program before their child enrolls at Deerfield. Discover answers to questions about student life, academics,  and co-curricular programming.   



Tuesday, March 30 / 7 pm EST

Please join us for an evening of academic exploration! We will provide opportunities for you to connect with current teachers and students to get a glimpse into a day in a Deerfield classroom. NOTE: Registration will be available next week so please check back! 

New 10th Grader

Trivia Night!

Thursday, April 1 / 7 pm EST

Please join us for Zoom trivia against your new 10th grade classmates!

Meet our


Please join us for a panel discussion with some of our current students. Our students are what make our community a dynamic, vibrant, and exciting place to learn and live. You’ll hear them discuss why they chose Deerfield and how their experience has shaped their high school years.

Explore our Community:

DEI at Deerfield

Thursday, March 25 / 7 pm EST

Please join student leaders from our alliance groups, faculty members, alumni, and current parents to learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion at Deerfield.  We will explore life on campus, available support and resources, and answer any questions that you may have about joining the Deerfield community.

Ask Us Anything!

Thursday, April 8 / 7 pm EST

Please join us for an evening with all the answers. If you have any questions remaining about why Deerfield is the right school for you, please join some of our current students, parents, teachers, and admission officers to get all of your last minute questions answered. Keep any eye on your email for an invitation.


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