Instructional tech

Technology has become an increasingly important part of the academic program at Deerfield. Instructional Technology, part of ITS, has worked over the years to provide faculty with the necessary resources to implement and integrate technology solutions that enhance teaching and learning. Towards this goal, we strive to:

  • provide faculty with the knowledge to effectively use Canvas and other software tools
  • provide faculty with the knowledge to effectively use computing devices and other hardware in their classrooms
  • assist faculty with the design, development, and implementation of pedagogically sound multimedia educational resources
  • evaluate the effectiveness of these tools from both the teaching and learning perspectives
  • establish a professional learning community for faculty working towards technology integration
  • explore new technologies and their potential uses

For additional information contact:

  • Manager of Instructional Technology: 413-774-1804
  • ITS Help Desk: 413-774-1444