Student Leadership Opportunities

The CSGC Board application for the 2023-24 school year is now open. Applications are due by Friday, September 29, 2024. Click here to apply.

More information:

If you are a student who is passionate about promoting community service, global citizenship, and sustainability, we invite you to join the Center for Service and Global Citizenship leadership team! At the CSGC, our mission is the school’s mission — to prepare you, the students, to become leaders in “a rapidly changing world” (Deerfield Academy’s Mission Statement).

There are many ways of getting involved in the CSGC, including serving on the CSGC Board, earning a merit-based leadership title (see descriptions below), attending or helping out at an event, finding support to turn an idea into action, and more!

What is the CSGC Board?

As we continue to consolidate global studies, sustainability, and community service within the office, the Student Leadership Program mirrors this consolidation. The CSGC Board helps to develop a vision and support the planning, organization, and realization of CSGC initiatives, inviting and advising other students to plan and implement campus projects and events. The Board meets once a week, with a second required meeting in a smaller group with a CSGC faculty member.

Example projects include:

  • Think 80/20 Workshops in the Village
  • Coordinating Flag Presentations
  • Hosting Ice Cream & Ideas
  • Planning the Spring Partnership
  • Coordinating Day(s) of Service
  • Raising awareness about a global issue
  • Supporting a student to host an event
  • Promoting CSGC Trips

What can you do if you are not on the CSGC Board?

The CSGC Board will help oversee a program that invites all students at Deerfield to participate in leadership opportunities (such as planning an event, hosting a speaker, raising awareness, and more!). These opportunities will become available throughout the year. Through demonstrated engagement and participation, students not on the Board will be able to earn merit-based leadership titles, and are invited to work on their development as leaders with advising and mentoring from CSGC Board and faculty.

How can I earn a merit-based leadership title?

Below you will find descriptions the criteria to earn a merit-based leadership title from the CSGC. There are two titles available: CSGC Leader and Ideas to Action Leader.

CSGC Leader**

  • Help the Board organize 2 CSGC events open to the whole school
  • Regularly* attend CSGC events such as Ice Cream & Ideas, Flag Presentations, Leadership Workshops, etc. throughout the year (*Students will be responsible for marking their attendance at each event to determine whether their attendance is sufficient for earning a leadership title)
  • (Co-) Host an Ice Cream & Ideas or another event in the CSGC
  • Serve the CSGC by promoting DA Faculty-Led Trips, teaching a group of students how to Think 80 20, and/or organizing a service opportunities for other students.
  • Help with the Spring Event
  • Regularly promote the ideas of the CSGC in both formal and informal ways on and off campus
  • Meet with Ms. Brown or a CSGC Board Member to discuss goals, interests, and opportunities in the MBL Program
  • Write a self-reflection at the end of December and April in order to promote your development as a leader

**As a CSGC Leader, you can specialize your focus in global studies, sustainability, service, or all three, by the events you choose to participate in or organize, and how you focus your work as a leader on campus. To better understand how to focus on a track, please talk to Ms. Brown

Ideas-to-Action Leader

Have your own great idea? Earn the Ideas to Action leadership title by:

  • Attending 1 Leadership Workshop
  • Have 3 meetings with a member of the CSGC Board/Faculty to discuss your ideas and development as a leader
    • Planning meeting(s)
    • Final touches meeting
    • A debrief
  • Organize an event, following these steps, in addition to the minimum of three meetings above
    • Write a proposal for a CSGC Micro-Grant (if funds are necessary)
    • Host an event
    • Write a reflection
    • Create 3 goals for follow up actions