Film Studies

This course analyzes and critiques classic and contemporary cinema from around the world. We shall examine basic elements of film production, comparative filmmaking styles and

Acting I

This course explores the basic principles of acting including ensemble building, improvisation, voice, movement, textual analysis and theater vocabulary. Class assignments include writing and performing

Acting II

Acting II is for students interested in expanding their ability to communicate through a variety of techniques that engage the individual and ensemble physically, mentally

The American Musical

Few artistic genres are more uniquely “American” than the Broadway musical. This course examines American musical theatre and organizes our exploration around recurrent themes from

Advanced Acting

This elective is for students who have an interest in a more in-depth study of theater. In addition to honing performance skills, students will explore

Act/Directing for Production

Committed acting students are encouraged to progress to a more advanced study of acting and to contribute to the development of a creative ensemble. In