Spanish 1

In this introductory course, students learn basic Spanish communication skills – including vocabulary and grammar – while exploring cultures and traditions. They expand their knowledge

Spanish 2

In this course, students continue their exploration of Spanish by focusing on Spanish grammar and vocabulary, applied to “real life” situations. We work to further

Spanish 3

Spanish 3 is an intermediate level course in which students review the grammatical structures from the beginning sequence while developing their communicative abilities. The class

Spanish 4

Which works of art reveal a moment in the history of a country? Which songs unveil the stories of its people? Which films transport us

Spanish 7 Honors

This is a topic course for advanced speakers of Spanish who have finished Spanish 6 Honors at Deerfield Academy. It is a course especially designed

Span 6H: Spanish Speaking Film

This is a film appreciation course conducted in Spanish. It allows our most advanced students to get acquainted with the grammar of cinema and with

Spanish 5 Honors

In this advanced course, students continue to develop oral and written proficiency in Spanish through the study of the literature, cultures, and politics of the

Spanish 4- Community Service

This course follows most of the curriculum from the regular Spanish IV course but adds a community service component. The Spanish 4- Community Service course

Spanish 3 Honors

In Spanish 3 Honors, students review all of the major grammatical structures at a fast pace while developing their communicative abilities. The class also studies

Spanish 6 Honors: Latin American Literature

This course allows our most advanced students of Spanish to delve further into the language, cultures and literature of the Spanish-speaking world. The course readings