Spanish 4

Which works of art reveal a moment in the history of a country? Which songs unveil the stories of its people? Which films transport us

Spanish 1

In this introductory course, students learn basic Spanish communication skills – including vocabulary and grammar – while exploring new cultures and traditions. They expand their

Spanish 2

In this course, students continue their exploration of Spanish by focusing on Spanish grammar and vocabulary, applied to “real life” situations. We work to further

Spanish 3

Spanish 3 is an intermediate level course in which students review the grammatical structures from the beginning sequence while developing their communicative abilities. The class

Spanish 3 Honors

Spanish 3 Honors is designed for students who have excelled in Spanish 2. Students review all of the major grammatical structures at a fast pace

Spanish 5: Advanced Topics

In this advanced course, students continue to develop oral and written proficiency in Spanish through the study of the literatures, cultures, and politics of the

Span 6H: Spanish Speaking Film

This is a film appreciation course conducted in Spanish. It allows our most advanced students to get acquainted with the grammar of cinema and with

Spanish Language Theater

This course introduces students to key principles of drama and theatrical performance in Spanish. It is an opportunity to learn about theatrical traditions of Spanish-speaking

Adv.Seminar in Spanish

This is a topic course for advanced speakers of Spanish who have finished Spanish 6 at Deerfield Academy. It is a course especially designed for

Spanish 5: Adv. Topics in Span

In this spring term course, students will continue with their study of Spanish language and culture at the same time that they prepare for the

Spanish 6: Honors Lat Am Lit

This course allows our most advanced students of Spanish to delve further into the language, cultures and literatures of the Spanish-speaking world. The course readings

Spanish 4 – Community Service

This course follows most of the curriculum from the regular Spanish 4 course but adds a community service component. The Spanish 4 – CS course