Chinese 1

This course is an introduction to Mandarin Chinese for students with little or no background in the language. Students learn the basic communication skills in

Chinese 2

This course is a continuation of Chinese I skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition, the course includes an in-depth study of grammar. Students

Chinese Tutorial

This advanced course is a modern Chinese literature and writing class for students who love to read and write. Students explore a variety of readings

Chinese 4

This course aims to develop competency in advanced Chinese with an emphasis on fluency of spoken language, reading, and writing. A variety of authentic materials

Chinese Advanced Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial may be offered to students who, in consultation with the department and with its endorsement, wish to pursue an individualized course in Chinese.

Chinese 5 Honors

This course is for students who wish to pursue the study of Chinese at a more advanced level. Students will further develop overall language proficiency

Chinese 3

In this intermediate level course, students reinforce what they have acquired in the previous levels and expand and deepen their skills in listening, speaking, reading,