Anatomy & Physiology

This course is a survey of the human body systems. Students will gain an overall understanding of the systems while exploring the themes of homeostasis

Honors Biology 2: Research

Honors Biology 2: Research in Evolutionary Biology Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection seeks to explain the amazing diversity of life on our

Immunology and Disease

This course will begin with an in-depth look at the structure and function of the immune system. We will then consider the mechanisms of different

Honors Biology 1

Honors Biology is a demanding course for students interested in exploring the function of living systems in depth. Students should expect a significant amount of

Biology 1 Accelerated

Biology Accelerated is an comprehensive introductory survey course intended for students who have a high level of interest in science and have demonstrated strong study

Biology 1- Topics

This course will explore selected biological topics including cell structure and function, genetics, biotechnology, evolution, ecology and human physiology. For each topic, students will engage