Considering Intersections in Art

This class will explore the rich intersections of the three disciplines and cover several divergent topics. Examining several philosophical principles as they pertain to literature

Intro to Urban Design

This course consists of a study of the forms of cities throughout history, both built and unbuilt. Through readings, discussions, and drawings, the design of

Earth’s Dynamic Systems

The course will examine how Earth came to be the planet we know today: a habitable but changing world, home to a diverse array of

Latin 5: Survey of Latin Lit

This two term, advanced seminar, conducted in English, is a survey of Latin literature from the comedies of the second century BCE to the literature

Politics & Science of Memory

There may be nothing more important to human beings than our ability to enshrine experience and recall it. While philosophers and poets have elevated memory

Black Women’s Writing

This course focuses on the ways in which in the past two centuries Black women writers have engaged with the intersection of Blackness and femaleness

Global Studies: Future of Now

This issue centered course, ranging across a range of disciplines (media studies and rhetoric; anthropology, geography and psychology; philosophy and ethics; history and political science;

Topics in Art History

Exploring history through works of art offers an approach for understanding our global community and is an effective way to review significant events from a

Political Philosophy

This course tackles the big questions that shape our modern lives: What is justice? What is liberty? What is equality? When is the state allowed

Art of Architectural Drawing

Drawing is the primary method by which architects communicate their design ideas, but the drawings themselves are frequently overlooked as works of art. Principles and

Religions of the World

The course begins and concludes with an examination and analysis of religious questions in the broadest sense. What is religion and what does it attempt