Theater Trip

Deerfield Academy’s Theater Program heads to Scotland to perform at the world’s largest arts Festival!

In 1947, the Edinburgh International Festival was formed as an event to promote peace and unity in the world after World War II. Eight uninvited theater companies traveled to the Festival and participated on its ‘fringes’. These companies attracted so much attention and enthusiasm that a new festival was born, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Today, with nearly 3,000 productions, 40,000 performances and thousands of performers from across the globe, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest performance arts festival in the world!

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a unique and exciting event. Every year for three weeks, Scotland’s majestic capital is transformed into a magical, unpredictable, and thrilling world. The city bursts at the seams as Edinburgh becomes the largest stage in the world. Every theater, museum, hotel, sports center and pub plays host to its own array of international performers. The American High School Theater Festival (AHSTF), who organizes the trip, is proud to create a platform upon which top high schools become a part of this excitement.

Deerfield Academy has performed at the Fringe Festival on several occasions and was awarded The Best Production Award. Schools winning the honor to represent North America in Edinburgh as part of AHSTF enjoy an exciting journey!

Program highlights

Upon arrival in London, students are treated to a guided panoramic tour of London, the bustling capital city of England. During their two days in London, they enjoy a West End Theater performance, a workshop at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, and free time to visit famous sites such as Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, and more.

On the third day, groups board a private bus and take a scenic trip from London to Edinburgh, Scotland. The next ten days are filled with rehearsals, performance at official AHSTF/Fringe venues, shows, workshops, an excursion to the stunning Scottish Highlands and historic Stirling Castle, the Royal Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle, and so much more. By the end of their stay, many students consider this beautiful, unique, and friendly city a true ‘home away from home’. One of the most exciting aspects of this trip is that students are encouraged to see as much theater as they can, and there is a lot to choose from. The last group to visit Edinburgh saw over 300 pieces of theater collectively. That is a lot of culture!

Program Dates

This trip has concluded. The following information has been provided for reference. Please check back soon for updates on our next trip.

Program Notes

  • Financial aid is available for all trips with priority for students who have not previously received aid for a Deerfield trip.
  • Prior to the trip you are required to return to Deerfield Academy for rehearsal on July 30, 2020
  • All participants must travel together and specific travel arrangements are not permitted
  • Families are responsible for transportation from U.S.-based airport to the student’s final destination at the end of the trip
  • For further information please contact the Program Director, Catriona Hynds at

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