Spring Term Co-Curricular Alternative Applications- DUE Monday Feb. 11th

Kat Dolan – February 11, 2019

Apply for a Co-Curricular Alternative Here! – Monday Feb. 11th

The co-curricular alternatives program was established to “support the pursuit of excellence”. At
the end of each term, the Co-Curricular Alternatives Committee meets to review student proposals
and to make decisions based on the criteria outlined below. We aim to be consistent in holding to
these standards and supportive of students’ wide-ranging interests.

Successful proposals typically include a statement about goals for the project and logistical
considerations such as timing (weekly), location and, as appropriate, transportation. Each project
must have an advisor from the current faculty, with whom the student meets weekly to review
progress. Beyond these routine meetings, a project advisor is responsible for end-of-term
comments, a paragraph submitted online as a “co-curricular report”. All co-curricular alternatives
must include 1) a health and fitness component – with a plan for weekly exercise and check in with
Ms. Mitchell – and 2) a public performance or demonstration at term’s end. At this time, all final
project materials should be submitted or presented to the Co-Curricular Alternatives Committee.
Any student submitting two co-curricular alternative proposals in one year must ensure that at least
one of those projects includes work within a “team”.

When requested by the Co-Curricular Alternatives Committee as part of its approval for a given
alternative, permission and liability forms must be signed by parents/guardians before the project
begins at the start of the term.

Failure to complete the fitness component of the co-curricular alternative project, as outlined in the
proposal, will result in Accountability Points.